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[2 of 8] The VoiceBuilder Introduces The World Of Voice Acting To VoiceWorx Batch 50; Expresses Gratitude To The VoiceMaster


Last October 12, 2019, Dannes Serrano aka the VoiceBuilder, a motivational speaker and English trainer, met VoiceWorx Batch 50 and discussed the huge world of voice acting to them. It was a brand new experience for the students and they anticipated the new knowledge from the session. 

VoiceWorx trainers always surprise students and challenge them to go out of their comfort zone. Mr. Dannes instructed them to formally introduced themselves similar to how an event host will do it. Each student created their unique version and it energized them to start the workshop.

Afterward, Mr. Dannes began the session by discussing different aspects related to voice acting. He addressed misconceptions about voice acting and told them rather the basic requirement. There’s a clear guide too he shared in gauging the current knowledge and experience of every aspiring VO artist, which is important to plan out the steps to take.
VoiceWorx Batch 50 Morning Class
The VoiceBuilder had shared too the significance of niching down as a voice-over artist. It is finding one’s specialization to focus his skills and become an expert in it. A voice-over artist can do narration, dubbing, voice acting, radio drama, sales, theater, and even become a trainer and professional public speaker. 

Mr. Dannes also gave a preview of English accent pronunciation training as it’s important to have a neutral American accent for VO projects, especially for corporate clients. Aside from these learnings for the VoiceWorx Batch 50 students, he gave insights and life lessons too as reminders for them.
VoiceWorx Batch 50 Afternoon Class

The VoiceBuilder shares his life story and how he successfully turn his life around. This is why he constantly emphasized the importance of grit, passion, purpose, resilience, and gratitude. He recounted his experience as VoiceWorx Batch 32 student and how the VoiceMaster himself, Pocholo De Leon Gonzales helped him too in so many ways.

It’s a dream come true for Mr. Dannes to be one of the trainers now in VoiceWorx as he truly wants to give back to CreatiVoices Productions. VoiceWorx Batch 50 experienced again another fun and productive session and looked forward to the next ones.

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