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From imitating voices in your home to working in a recording studio, radio station, or events...

JUMPSTART Your Voice Acting Career
 In Just Four Sessions! 
Here’s How We Can Help!

Learn from the experts in the industry to become a skilled and confident voice artist!

Hello there future in-demand voice artist,

How’s life going? 

Do you miss a part of your dreams that you wished to pursue before? But yes, life happens and you
need to choose first the more practical options.

Do you remember the times you’re imitating voices from your favorite shows? Do you joke around
friends mimicking politicians, celebrities, or cartoon characters?

Have you ever wondered...what if you can pursue this passion as a career?

Even if you admit it or not, you want to take a shot to try the different worlds in the field of voice acting,
dubbing, hosting, public speaking, and becoming a DJ in a radio station.

In short, you dream to be a full-fledged voice artist.

Imagine you’re inside a recording booth in front of the microphone and with the headset on.
You’re hearing the instructions of your director to perfect your delivery, tone, and emotion.

Imagine you’re the public’s favorite DJ and your radio show is one of the most popular in the country.
They love your antics and advises.

Imagine you’re chosen as the main character after you auditioned for an anime or Koreanovela series.
You’re studying how to bring life to the character.

What if...all your imagination can come TRUE?

What if...these dreams are about to happen in TIME?

The truth is, your BIG dream will only be a reality 
if you take the first step TODAY.

Allow me, The VoiceMaster, to help you achieve it!

START the journey of your dreams!

 Intensive 4-weekend workshop on the
craft of voice acting

Here are what you’ll learn from the hands-on workshop training:

Voice Acting
Learn to do the right delivery of tone, emotions, and other important aspects to nail the desired result
for the voice acting project.

Voice Characterization
Discover how to do character sketch and imbibing it in your skills as you create and sustain the
different character voices.

Scriptwriting Basics
Scriptwriting is the skeletal framework of any dubbing or voice-over project. We’ll help you get
your scriptwriting skills in the right so you’ll save time in the actual recording of the projects.

Intensive Voice Acting
Learn the intensive voice acting as if you’re doing a realistic delivery of any storyline. Avoid sing-song
delivery and impress more people with this skill.

Dubbing Techniques
Dubbers are in-demand with the continuous proliferation of localized content for films, documentaries,
shows, and series. Hone your skill in the dubbing and find out more how you’ll make the most out of
the opportunities in the market.

Intensive Scriptwriting
Learn ADR scriptwriting and proper synching in this session. Find out the techniques to ensure a
polished scriptwriting result.

Recording or Dubbing Recital
Have your final performance through recording or dubbing recital. This is the culmination of all the
learned skills you’ll have from the entire workshop training. 

Who May Enroll In VOICE ACT NOW?

This workshop is for those who:

-Have a speaking voice
-Can read and write
-Have the eagerness to fulfill your dreams
-Can overcome the challenges along the way

Regardless of your age, educational background, current work/career, civil status, and other
factors, you can become a voice artist!

Who Are The Instructors In VOICE ACT NOW?

Proud Graduates of VOICEWORX (Last Era of Workshop
before Voice Act Now)

Before launching Voice Act Now, the mentors behind this workshop spearheaded 50
consecutive and successful batches of VoiceWorx---the pioneer voice acting workshop
in the country.

These personalities are some of the graduates of VoiceWorx:

Wanlu Lunaria
Fans of reality shows “Talentadong Pinoy” in TV5 and “Pilipinas Got Talent” from ABS-CBN will
remember the talented ventriloquist and puppeteer that captured their hearts. Mr. Wanlu Lunaria
presented again the artistry of puppeteering in mainstream TV shows.

Richard Sarmiento a.k.a DJ Rico Pañero 
One of the popular DJs of Yes FM 101.1 with his funny antics and banters, Mr. Richard Sarmiento
is also a proud graduate of VoiceWorx who first developed his skills too under the CreatiVoices

Jag Camat
He is a dubber in different Tagalized shows including Korean teleseryes in ABS-CBN and TV 5.
At present, he is also a professional host and emcee ensuring a memorable event for his clients
and their guests.

Cyril Cabornay
A talented artist and musician, Ms. Cyril honed her craft further in the voice acting. She experienced
working for different clients and advertising agencies due to her versatile skills both with her speaking
and singing voice. She's the artist behind commercial jingles like "Suddenly" of Nescafe 3-in-1 and "Mad World" of Pantene.

Eunice Dalisay 
From an aspiring voice-over talent, Ms. Eunice Dalisay expanded her knowledge in CreatiVoices
Productions and VoiceWorx to become a dubber and voice acting artist.

Gerald Nacua
Mr. Gerald Nacua is the voice behind some of the Tagalized anime shows. He is a skilled dubber
who has also started dreaming in VoiceWorx.

Dennis Paule
A radio broadcaster for DZXL RMN and DJs for different FM stations, Mr. Dennis Paule recalls how
he began as an intern and later on, he was entrusted with his own radio shows.

Ayla de Joya
A professional voice acting artist with an alluring singing voice as well. She expanded her reach
through knowing more people in the industry, thanks to VoiceWorx and CreatiVoices Productions.

John Lumibao
He started his voice acting career as a dubber for Tagalized anime shows in a network. He underwent
the comprehensive workshop too in VoiceWorx and CreatiVoices Productions.

Jeffrey Gusayko
Mr. Jeffrey Gusayko is a voice acting artist doing dubbing, narration for ads, and live VO events.
He has been invited to numerous events for people from all walks of life. He is one of the current
trainers of VoiceWorx Batch 50.

Dannes Serrano
Known as the Voice Builder, Mr. Dannes Serrano is a professional public speaker, trainer, host,
and a voice acting artist for different projects in dubbing, narration and live VO events.
He imparts his knowledge as well for the last VoiceWorx Batch 50.

M.K. Salditos
A voice acting artist who has the versatility of both male and female characters, Ms. M.K. Salditos is
also a scriptwriter and director for CreatiVoices Productions.

Jordences "JV" Villasan
Mr. Jordences "JV" Villasan was a former radio drama actor in an FM station. He is also a dubber
and a voice acting artist for commercial ads of known brands. He gives back to CreatiVoices
Productions by passionately teaching VoiceWorx Batch 50 as one of their mentors.

Angel Movido
A journalist in ANC and ABS-CBN, Ms. Angel Movido knows at the onset of her career about the
importance of voice acting. Thus, she credits her beginner's journey to VoiceWorx and
CreatiVoices Productions.

Romi Jallorina
A dubber and freelance voice acting artist, Romi Jallorina had gone through the training as well under
the VoiceMaster's guidance in VoiceWorx and CreatiVoices Productions. Likewise, she is adept in ADR
translations, subtitles, and other related voiceover skills with her wide experience in the media production industry.

Karen Mendoza
Setting her goals and focus to be a skilled voice acting artist, Ms. Karen Mendoza applied her learnings
from VoiceWorx and became a dubber. In this video, she shares her experience in VoiceWorx and her
role for the anime series Trigun aired on Hero TV.

Reymar Peña and Jed Jael
YouTube personalities and skilled voice acting artists who can do tons of impressionisms,
Mr. Reymar Peña and Mr. Jed Jael showcase their versatility much to the delight of any audience loving a
deviated form of performance art.

Jana Abejero
Ms. Jana Abejero a.k.a Jana Banana is a radio broadcaster known for her program Boses ng Kabataan
in DZRH. She is also a KBP Golden Dove Awardee for this same program that provided the platform
of featuring more youth advocacy stories.

Klariz Magboo a.k.a DJ Kara 
Ms. Klariz Magboo is one of the known DJs from YES FM 101.1. She had a viral video too wherein
she did different character voices including the Tagalized dubbed version of Ash Ketchum from

Value Of What You’ll Get From VOICE ACT NOW:

The VoiceMaster’s coaching time as a motivational speaker and voice expert instructor:
P50,000 per hour

Veteran directors’ coaching time: P30,000 per session

Use of recording studio: P2,500 per hour

Use of training center: P2,500 per hour x 4 hours x 4 sessions = P40,000

Doors of opportunities opening from the networks and connections of veteran directors in
the industry: PRICELESS

Total value: P122,500

But! Because we want to help more ACTION TAKERS, we’re offering the workshop for only:


Yes, you read that right! We’re slashing it down to P10,000!

“Teka, parang ang mahal pa rin? Wala bang discount?”

You may have thought of this. But come to think of it, when was the last time you spent this
P10,000 without doubting on:

-The latest expensive gadget (Syempre dapat yun uso!)
-Promo sale on airfare (For experience din yun!)
-Festive celebrations (Ganyan talaga pag handaan!)
-At least 2 pair of branded and original sneakers (Eh limited edition yun eh!)

You’re willing to treat yourself on leisure without thinking twice but when will you
start investing in your skills and growth? 

Remember, time and taking action are both important in fulfilling your dreams.

For inquiries, please email at or contact us at 7239-6468
and 0999-481-8335.

Sign-up for VOICE ACT NOW!

Take The GREAT LEAP Today That 
Your Future Self Will Be Grateful For!

Romi Jallorina - Scholar CreatiVoices
John Kelvin Lumibao - Scholar CreatiVoices

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