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“It’s a different thing. It’s not just the voice… it is really acting”
- Karen Anne Mata, Japanese Language Major

“I learned how to develop my voice, how to preserve it from morning ‘till afternoon even if I’m speaking, and at the same time, how to change my voice without exerting too much effort. And also, I learned the proper way of delivering lines”
- Rufino Albert Bernardo, a free lance architect

“All the teachers that handled us were great. All the trainings and lectures they gave us were really enjoyable”
- Anna Marie “Ann” Celeridad

“I’ve learned a lot from this workshop especially the translations, audio dialogues, replacements and a lot more things when it comes to voice acting
- Jay Garcia

“I joined the workshop because I wanted to learn different techniques about voice acting. It’s a very fun experience… there were a lot of exercises. And it really opened my eyes to the world of voice acting
- Katrina “Kat” Pama

“I joined this workshop to further develop my God-given talent, and at the same time, share it with my co-workshoppers. I learned form my past lectures the real concept of dubbing… that it is not simply voice manipulation, but an art.”
- Michael Juyad

“I learned from Voiceworx the proper vocalization and that there are other ways on how to execute it… through the diaphragm, the lower register and the throat”
- Olive Princess “Liv” Riego

“There is no better way to hone my talents and skills in voice acting than learning from the experts whom the creativoices has in their workshop. It’s been a real enjoyable course and I’ve learned a lot especially from our three guest speakers Ama (Danny Mandia), Papa Neil (Neil Tolentino) and Supremo (Alex Agcaoili). We also felt the guidance brought by the Creativoices heads, Sir Choi and Sir Bryan whom made quite an effort to make sure Creativoices delivers what it was set out to do… And that is to equip and develop the voice artist industry”
- Michael Robert “Mike” Reyes

“I saw the Creativoices workshop on the internet when I searched for the word “dubbing Philippines” in What urged me to join the workshop is the curiosity on how the dubbers portray their characters”
- Mariane “Mayan” Agena

“Actually I was searching for a another outlet that is different from the normal job routines and since I’m a fan of anime, I decided to enroll at Voiceworx. I was really grateful when I was accepted here because they have the best dubberrs and established directors in their workshop.
- Francis Francisco, member of the 6th batch of voiceworx trainees

“It was indeed a fun experience. At the same time, I learned several pointers, techniques and tools that improved ourselves, not only as voice artists, but also as a person”
- Maria Edora “Dory” Gregoria, housewife and a mother of five.

“The mentors and teachers in this workshop were very accommodating and they really value time. Considering the amount we paid, it was a bargain based on the services we acquired because the staffs here are professionals”
- Yvarr de la Cruz

“I’ve learned a lot and gained more experiences. I never thought voice acting would be this fun!”
- Kris Shiela Mingi

“I learned the proper utilization of voices, the proper way to direct it and the proper way of translating”
- Reymond Alagar

Voiceworx expanded my horizon by their concepts and practices. They gave me a glimpse regarding the field of voice acting. There were aspects of this matter which I was unaware of. But the most important lesson that I learned is that voice acting is an art”
- Daniw “Yao” de Leon, software developer

“I discovered new things every meetings”
- John Paul Quilapo

“The workshop helped me mold my personality. It may seem that you’re trapped inside you, but as the workshop continues, you’ll be surprised that you’re already out of the box”
- Lea Marie “Aya” Balmes

Voiceworx gave me a great opportunity to boost my self-confidence and self-esteem”
- Pablo Benjamin “Bong” Laureano

“At first, I was focused only on dubbing but on the latter part, when I met Sir Neil Tolentino, he taught me the proper way of translating… I got interested in scriptwriting. Although dubbing is still a part of my interest, scriptwriting became my primary focus. I learned that translating is not just about expressing your words, but it should also be acceptable and ethical to your audience”
- Juan Miguel Mesina

“Dubbing is coming from your inner self. It is about drama, exaggeration and impersonation”
- Neil “Papa Neil” Tolentino, dubbing instructor

“I socialized with different kinds of people. There are those who have jobs, are married and some are students like me. The good thing about this is that, though we have our differences, we still share a common interest. They won’t be so confident to establish a workshop if they are not fully equipped with experience in their field”
- Dwan Marciano

“Join Voiceworx! You’ll never know where it will lead you”
- Tisha Rosales

“Our instructors were accommodating… they did help us a lot. We had fun, and at the same time, we learn in terms of this industry. We will miss this”
- Gian delos Santos

“I can say that after the workshops in Creativoices, you will have opportunity to go to major stations to dub and voice acts”
- Alan Giosengfiao

“The instructors were amiable and approachable. They were always open and available for questions”
- Dar Santos

“I learned how to take care of my voice, and also the right things to do in voice acting. I also learned how to relate with different people that has different backgrounds”
- Glen Ong

“The instructors teaches very well and you will really learn from them”
- Sean Melendres

“I learned a lot… like translating and voice acting
- Andrew Nacino

Voiceworx will bring out the potential in you to be a very good voice actor”
- Jonathan “Jao” Ortiz

“I learned the true meaning of dubbing and I get to experience what’s really happening inside the dubbing room”
- Ceff Montifar

“This workshop is the best in business. It’s really fun in the class and the teachers are really great”
- Victoria Puyat

“At first, I was shy. But then, it was fun”
- Gwen Llana

“Very challenging. I love it”
- Pamela “Pam” Miranda

“You will really learn a lot from the professionals”
- Myra Pesquet

“I met the professionals in the dubbing industry”
- Boots Montes

“I learned how to play with my voice”
- Nadine Mata

“It’s not just all about dubbing. It also developed my communication and writing skills”
- Freya Pacis

“It’s very educational… and I gained more friends”
- Emil Miras

“You won’t feel tired during the sessions”
- Nina Lacson


"You will learn to be more confident lalo na sa pagdeliver ng lines. You read the script, you understand it and basta andun  dapat yung emotion mo para maka-communicate ka ng ayos with the audience."
-Jelyn Nataly Chong

"Learning experience, sya nangingibabaw yung saya."
-Paul Cyrian Baltazar

"Yung mga instructors, super worth it!"
-Joanna Janne Albarico

"Mabait sila, approachable talaga!"
-Michael Wesley Bautista

"It’s  a great opportunity."
-Mary Afable

"They’re all very knowledgeable very experienced. Their experience shows how much they love their work not only as a good “pay”? occupation but as an art. I can see how passionate, how dedicated they are to this field."
-Samantha Marie Enderes

"Being in the broadcast industry masayang kasama sila."
-Neilo Sison a.k.a Totoy Bato  of YES FM


"It was a refreshing workshop as you will expect a lot from very talented directors and their shared a lot of their inside in this field, that’s very enlightening."
-Augustine M. Pangan

"Sobrang saya madaming natutunan, naenhance yung pagsasalita mo,sobr ang gagaling ng mga professors."
-Ma. Victoria E. Antonio

"Voiceworx is the best talaga, kung pwede lang ulitin ko and I’ve learned a lot and had so much fun."
-Rikki-An  Quiapon


"I found about voiceworx with my friend, this is where people go to have the confidence boosted inform of the camera, create their own voice and create their own characters."
-Rodolfo E. Limjoco

"I’ve  of this Creativoices nung narinig ko si Sir Choi at Sir Bryan na nag-guest sa DZMM gusto kong matuto kung anong ginagawa nila."
-Maria Teresa Vergara “Tess”

"Natutunan ko to, I’ve wanted to last July  and I got interest kasi was involved on animation before, sa Voiceworx, naenjoy ko!"
-Mary Ann Joyce Josue “Joyette”.

"What I learned is be confident with yourself."
-Rea Almaro

"I was really excited kasi I really wanted to do this 2 years ago and then I have the chance right now."
-Ma. Angelita Hernandez

"Its not only challenging, its fun and it also helps… Kung makapal yung mukha mo, hehe and also from that you also get to do some acting exercises which is also useful."
-Kristine Joelle Pantig

"Naging aware kami sa mga technical sense of recording and naimprove yung confidence namin."
-Edel Christian Yap

"Now that I’ve finally reached the end of the program I would say I am very happy and I feel a sense of fulfillment for going through every session and going through every instructor."
-Michael Sean Reyes

"Maganda  na merong balance between theory at yung actual skills na tinuro."
-Grace Gayoso Pasion

"Natututo kana, nag-eenjoy ka pa sa gingawa mo."
-Shellah Gotis “Kai”

"Mami-meet mo yung mga malulupit sa industriya ng pagboboses, ang saya saya lang."
-Edison Lazano

"They give us inspirational advices."
-Yvonne Veronica Olivadez

"Mapapaniwala ka ni Sir Choi na lahat kailangan pag-aralan pa, kailangan pang iimprove lahat ng bagay."
-John Robert Camat

"I have improved the tone of my voice by doing some voiceworx exercises joining the creativoices workshop is an unforgettable experience."
-Manuel Valencia

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