Learn Voice Acting Artistry With Growth and Fun!

Here are what we can guide you with:.
  • Fundamentals of Voice Acting Artistry

    This session will help you understand the different genres, important factors to maintain a quality voice, misconceptions, and so many more.

  • Voice Acting for Dubbing

    Dubbing is a popular project for voice acting artists such as in Tagalized or English-dubbed cartoons, teleseryes, cartoons, Koreanovelas, movies, and online content..

  • Voice Acting for Narration

    The advent of online content like audiobooks and e-learning materials heightens the demand for voice acting artists specializing in narration..

  • Voice Acting for Commercial

    TV, radio, or online ads have different outputs based on the final material approved by clients. This workshop will help you deliver appropriate voice acting artistry techniques to come up with the best commercial ads.

  • Voice Acting for Animation

    Be the voice behind beloved animated characters. You’ll complete their identity with your voice. Learn the appropriate strategies to ace every delivery of your characters’ lines with this session.

  • Effective Voice Acting

    Voice acting artistry is not limited to only projecting your voice based on the needs of a project. Putting the right emotions, facial expressions, and gestures are equally important to make the delivery believable. This workshop will guide you to be a genuine and skilled voice acting artist.

  • Basics of Sound Engineering

    Have your own DIY recording studio even you’re cozying up on your own home. Learn how to set-up your recording studio by choosing the equipment and software even for a rookie voice acting artist.

  • Closing Voice Acting Projects as a Pro

    This is critical knowledge for any voice acting artist as most are freelancers aiming to land on good projects. Understand how you can leverage your sharpened voice acting artistry skills and attract premium clients to close deals with you.

    Turn into a skilled and confident voice acting artist

    whether you’re starting from scratch or leveling up your skills!
    • Choose Voice Acting Academy Philippines and Gain these Benefits:

    • The Voice MasterClass

      1.) Embrace Voice Acting as an Art, not a Source of Income

      Learn the ins and outs of voice acting and look at it as a form of art. This isn’t a just a skill to earn you money. In our academy, you will hone to become the top 3% of voice acting talents focusing on continuous growth, rather than always worrying about your next projects.

    • The Voice MasterClass

      2.) Learn from the Best and Brightest

      Aside from the VoiceMaster himself, veteran dubbing directors, seasoned voice acting artists, and other prominent experts in related fields will teach and guide you to conquer the voice acting industry with the skills and confidence. You’ll even get to experience mock auditions and hear your own voice in the sessions.

    • The Voice MasterClass

      3.) Extensive Experience from Local and Global Clients

      Voice Acting Academy Philippines together with CreatiVoices Productions have opened doors for aspiring voice acting talent who have already worked with different local and global brands such as SEGA, Toei Animation, and The International Bible Society.

    • The Voice MasterClass

    • The Voice MasterClass

      4.) Niche Down to Your Chosen Specialization

      Our graduates have crafted their own paths and created a fulfilling career from their humble beginnings in our academy. They have become radio and TV broadcasters, public speakers, trainers, sound engineers, ventriloquists, DJs, VO artists for live events, hosts, dubbers, VO artists for commercial and narration, dubbers, directors, and so many more.

    • Voice Acting Academy Philippines


      ENROLL RIGHT NOW! Program Start Date: January 4, 2020 Contact us at 239-6468 or click here to find out more! Hone Your Craft Today and Be an Expert Voice Acting Artist Tomorrow!

    • Voice Acting Academy


      This is our lifestyle...and it's what passionately teach. Here in Voice Acting Academy Philippines, you'll find your own distinction by bringing life to characters and telling stories from the heart. Build a career in voice acting for dubbing, animation, commercial, online content, hosting, live event voice-over, and so many more. Hone Your Craft Today and Be an Expert Voice Acting Artist Tomorrow!

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